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Art Direction

Gellerup Museum
Visual identity 
Gellerup Museum

Visual identity, type design and communication strategy for the Gellerup Museum. Gellerup is a popular area of the city of Aarhus, categorized as a ghetto, which is mainly populated by people with refugee and immigrant background. The locals created the Gellerup Museum, a cultural institution aiming to support local cultural activities. However, the institution doesn’t attract visitors anymore. Failing to fulfill its goals, the museum has been abandoned and may close definitively. Therefore, this project aims to create a new concept for this latter including a visual identity, a communication strategy and the necessary contribution tools so that the institution can sustain. The overall identity is based on the participative approach to let people design and create by themselves visuals that reflect them the most. In collaboration with Urgent Agency, Instant City and the Aarhus Architecture Festival.