Graphic Design

Art Direction

Image & Son
Visual identity | Art direction
Prelude Studio

Art direction, type design and fashion branding for the Spring/Summer 18 collection of the brand Prelude Studio named “Image & Son”, a French clothing brand. This second collection was based on the non-binarity of genres and the intersectionality between men's and women's contemporary prêt-à-porter. An interlacing that can also be found in the mixture of image and sound, which can result in hybrid and unclassifiable objects. Drawing inspiration from these different visual and sound universes, the logotype and artistic direction oscillates between this duality and this coexistence through the symbol of the ampersand and superpositions. In collaboration with Celia Moutawahid (Stylist), Mia Dabrowski (Photographer), Ameen Best & Lucie (Set Assistants), Cecile Paraniva (Make-Up Artist), Kazuhiro Naka and Atsushi (Hairstylists).